Pastoral care is provided to anyone in need of support and prayer. Rev. Conklin visits people in the hosptial or in their homes and also meets with people seeking pastoral care in her office at church. Whether you are facing a difficulty or transition in your life or have questions related to God and faith, our pastor will walk alongside you, offering prayer, guidance, and support. All information is held in confidence, unless explicit permission to share is given.

Prayer requests are listed in our bulletin each Sunday. Please contact Rev. Conklin or the church office (247-8833) to have your request included.
A more detailed prayer bulletin is distributed on a quarterly basis, with the specific situation and prayer request noted, again only with permission of the requestor.

Rev. Conklin requests that you help her stay informed about illnesses, hospitalizations, and upcoming surgeries as HIPPA regulations now prevent hospitals from sharing this information.

As a faith community, we share our blessings and joys as well as our pain and sorrow. Please don’t hesitate to contact Rev. Conklin when a need arises. She can be reached at or (616) 204-0332.