Mission & Vision

Eastminster is a neighborhood church. We are situated in the wonderful Eastgate Neighborhood and partner with the Eastgate Neighborhood Association as well as other congregations in our area including Fifth Reformed and Plymouth Heights CRC. We seek to not only serve our neighbors, but also to become a part of the fabric of the neighborhood.

As such, Eastminster offers regular neighborhood bike repair events throughout the summer, complete with grilled hot dogs and lemonade! We also hold an annual jewelry sale sponsored by our Ruth Circle where many treasures and even more bargains can be found! This takes place in coordination with the Eastgate Neighborhood Garage Sale Days in early June. In the fall, we hold a Jazz Concert on our West Lawn for the whole neighborhood to come together and enjoy!

We provide mentoring and tutoring for 4th and 5th grade students at our local elementary school, Mulick Park, through our neighborhood coalition Mentoring at Mulick program. In partnership with Fifth Reformed, we also serve families who have found themselves to be homeless through the very successful and compassionate ministry of Family Promise. People from Eastminster provide meals and companionship during two evenings while these families are staying in a home owned by Fifth Reformed, and this occurs on four separate weeks throughout the year.

As noted in our mission statement, we are a diverse and welcoming community of Christians who seek to share God’s love with all people. We have a vision of spreading that love among one another, in our neighborhood, in our community of Grand Rapids, and throughout the world. We believe deeply that we have been blessed to be a blessing to others. We’d love to have you join us!

Want to worship with us?

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